Bass Turbat – Melody (versuri)

Versurile melodiei „Melody“, interpretata de Bass Turbat

This one goes out to my baby girl queen,
My super queen supreme
My joy bringin’ regime
Unfeared from the unseen yeah!
Yeah, she’s my love machine, all american dream…
The way she talks… the way she screams
Swag my fauvorite smile, she makes my eyes sing,
She makes my ears swing and I.. (ha ha)
Yeah! I’d do anything to keep her close mama,
Even if she don’t wanna’
She’s the one that’s pumpin’ blood taking me to sweet nirvana! (yeah!)
Calm and conscious but nauseous when she’s not here…
My soul dies slowly, waiting for her to reapear…

Because I need her,
And she needs me,
It’s the music baby!
Yeah! It’s the melody!

Cuz’ she’ knew I loved her
Even though I didn’t show her that well
Cuz’ for the past few months
Yeah I’ve been through a living hell (yeah!)
But she’ miss that…
She’ knows I miss her
All of the mornings when she woke me up,
Just to kiss her…
All of the days we were day dreaming
About that high style…
Big style life we’d be living (yeah!)
We’d talk about our stuff and about soulmates,
All the things she loves and all the thing she hates… (yeah!)
And the thing she hated most was lying,
The thing i did for the last 6 months not even trying… (No!)
To be the man she’d love the most.. I wasn’t honest..
Messed up everything we had even though i promised
That one day we’re gonna live like kings,
Now every night I stay awake remembering all of those things… (yeah!)
She’s got a new boy… He makes her feel chill…
I’ll always love her… The girl I always knew I will.


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