Wiz Khalifa – Smokin’ Section (versuri)

Versurile piesei “Smokin’ Section”, interpretata de Wiz Khalifa

Ayo, I never had common sense
But I had enough sense to calm my ass down
And make my dollars stretch, yeah

Uh, ayo, I never had common sense
But I had enough sense to calm myself down
And make my dollars stretch
I’m like basketball to net how I make it all connect
Move strong so the funds I collect
Come correct when the boss n**ga check ya

If you don’t come from the set, I don’t respect ya
Better yet, jump on a jet and give them checks up
I never give nothin’ less than my best
You can tell by the way that I’m dressed
Grey bottom and my dreads always fresh
Smoke so much, I swear that I’m blessed

Know so much, I swear I’m a genius
And I’m K-Oing n**gas, we ain’t callin’ it even
Spent too much time online
I’m with your broad for the evening
She a big ol’ freak, I pull it out and she eat it

You might think I got time to kill ’cause I’m so real
Lot of n**gas I could’ve checked this year, but I’ma chill
I ain’t gotta tell that they fake, in time, it will
When it come to being certified, I’m signed and sealed
Signed a deal since I was 16, I been gettin’ cream

A young n**ga smokin’ weed like it’s nicotine
Made my own scene, if that’s your girl
Then why she kick it with the whole team
Smoke the whole thing

Eyes hella low, never tried
Then you’ll never know
Young Khalifa flows so incredible
Off of six joints and a edible
I don’t write it down, it ain’t legible
Professional from the head to toe

Big vegetables, we ain’t smokin’ no oregano
Never pedal slow, we just catch and go
And when I’m finished with this s**t, it’s gon’ be set in stone
A real king, before I’m done, I’ll have to get a throne
Better know as the n**ga killin’ every f**kin’ verse
And puttin’ rappers in a hearse
And when you do it like me, n**gas
See your blessings as a curse
But, s**t, I could be doing worse

F**k y’all…


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